Don T Make Me Count To Three

Offers parents practical advice on how they can use Scripture-based parenting methods, with an overview of various methods and tips for implementing those methods into their daily routine. Read More...>>>

Spiritual Warfare Sowing

Their teaching is essential to help us win the spiritual war and walk the path that leads to life. We are part of this war. Spiritual Warfare: Sowing will examine the details of God's teaching on the sowing aspect of spiritual war. Read More...>>>

A Gospel Primer For Christians

This new expanded edition contains 31 "reasons to rehearse the gospel daily." Use this book to preach the gospel to yourself daily and you will be amazed at the difference it will make in your life. - Publisher. Read More...>>>

Building A Discipling Culture

One, do we have a plan for making disciples? Two, does our plan work?' For most of our church communities, we have a plan, but the plan isn’t working. If you find yourself in this situation, this book is for you. Read More...>>>

Tangled Webs

Danger and high-seas adventure await Liriel Baenre on the surface of Faerûn in this second installment in the Starlight & Shadows trilogy Exiled from her home for acquiring the Windwalker amulet, the beautiful dark elf Liriel Baenre ... Read More...>>>

The Spirit Contemporary Life

It might sound too good to be true...but that's the Spirit Contemporary life. While working as a first responder in an ambulance, Leon Fontaine longed to see God's power at work outside the four walls of a church. Read More...>>>