American Infidel

American. Infidel. “Woe unto them that call evil good and good evil; that put
darkness for light and light for darkness. ... He's also an American Muslim, that
hates Osama Bin Laden and every other camel-fucking terrorist even more than I
do ... Read More...>>>

Why I Believed

Part auto-biography and part exposé of Ken Daniels' experience and long time belief in Christianity and the questions and answers he's had to ask about with regard to the validity of Christian theories. Read More...>>>


The story of a former Evangelical Christian turned openly gay atheist who now works to bridge the divide between atheists and the religious The stunning popularity of the “New Atheist” movement—whose most famous spokesmen include ... Read More...>>>

Caught In The Pulpit

In this expanded and updated edition of their groundbreaking study, Daniel C. Dennett and Linda LaScola comprehensively and sensitively expose an inconvenient truth that religious institutions face in the new transparency of the information ... Read More...>>>

Resources In Education

ED 038 528 Art Teaching Guides: Constructing with Wood and Other Materials,
Kindergarten-Grade 6. Curriculum ... ED 036 959 Family Life Around the World,
Level I. ED 032 1.16 Family Living, Including Sex Education. End of ... ED 038
903 God's Providence in Puritan New England: An Inquiry into the Nature of
Ideas. Read More...>>>

How To Know God Exist

Because of the implications, it's the most significant question of all time: Is there a God, or isn't there? In this compelling book, Ray Comfort argues the case with simple logic and common sense. Read More...>>>

The God Problem

How does an inanimate universe generate stunning new forms and unbelievable new powers without a creator? How does the cosmos create? That’s the central question of this book, which finds clues in strange places. Read More...>>>

The Diamond Sutra

It's no mind. And yet because it's no mind, it has room for compassion. This book is the offering of no mind, born of compassion for all suffering beings. Of all the sutras that teach this teaching, this is the diamond. Read More...>>>